Using the censoring technique, we systematically constructed and devoloped two types of RG-factorizations: 1) UL-type RG-factorization and 2) LU-type RG-factorization. These RG-factorizations are very useful in the study of, such as, QBD processes, Markov processesMarkov renewal processes, Markov reward processes, Markov decision processes, stochastic game theory and etc. Our recent works indicate that the two types of RG-factorizations play a different role in the study of stochastic models, for example, the UL-type RG-factorization is a key to deal with stationary solution to performance measures while LU-type RG-factorization is a basis to analyze transient solution to performance measures. We have an optimistic prediction that the RG-factorizations are very useful for sharpening many important research on stochastic processes, stochastic models, computer networks, manufacturing systems, transportation systems and biological sciences etc.



author;Quan-Lin Li

Source: Original

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