Prof. Dr. Quan-Lin Li

Department of Industrial Engineering
Tsinghua University, Beijing

Prof. Dr. Hans- J. Lenz, Prof. Dr. Peter-Th. Wilrich

Institute of Statistics and Econometrics
Freie Universitaet Berlin






Intelligent Statistical Quality Control

Beijing, September 12-14, 2007





organized by


Department of
Industrial Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing 10084,
P.R. China

Institute of Statistics and Econometrics
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Garystrasse 21, D-14195 Berlin,






The Workshop will focus on Total Quality Control or, as statisticians would like to call it, Intelligent Statistical Quality Control. It includes the following topics:


·         On-Line Control

·         Statistical Process Control

·         Monitoring

·         Off-Line Control

·         Sampling Inspection

·         Process Capability Studies

·         Design of Experiments in Quality Assurance

·         Trouble Shooting

·         Data Warehousing, Explorative Data Analysis / Data Mining


The scientific program committee includes the following people:


D. H. Baillie, United Kingdom

Professor E. v. Collani, Germany

Professor O. Hryniewicz, Poland

Professor H.-J. Lenz, Germany

Prof. Quan-Lin Li, P.R. China

Professor Y. Ojima, Japan

Professor P.-Th. Wilrich, Germany

Professor W. H. Woodall, U.S.A.



The local organizing committee:

Prof. Quan-Lin Li  (chairman)


You are most cordially invited to participate in the Workshop and submit a paper by

1.    making a novel contribution to the methodology or

2.    giving a state of the art survey in one of the above fields or

3.    giving a case history or a study of a special application.


Each paper must be written in English (using TEX or, if this is not possible, WINWORD as text systems) and has to fulfil Springer's instruction rules set for authors. The papers must be neither submitted for publication elsewhere nor be previously published. It is understood that by submitting a paper its author(s) agree(s) to publication in the Workshop Proceedings and in the "Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control".


Please, send your contribution to one of the organizers who are responsible for your country (America and Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa). The corresponding addresses are given below.


All the papers will be refereed and published in the Proceedings and, in revised form, in the "Frontiers" only if they are accepted by the referees and the editors.

Addresses of the organizers to whom abstracts and papers should be sent are the following ones:




                                               Prof. William H. Woodall

                                               Department of Statistics

                                               Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

                                               Blacksburg, VA 24061-0439




Prof. Dr. Yoshikazu Ojima

                                               Tokyo University of Science

                                               Department of Industrial Administration

                                               2641, Yamazaki, Noda, Chiba, 278-8510





                            Prof. Dr. Peter-Th. Wilrich

                            Institut fuer Statistik und Oekonometrie

                            Freie Universitaet Berlin

                            Garystrasse 21

                            D-14195 Berlin




HOME    2011    IXth International Workshop on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control
第九届国际智能质量控制学术会议(IXth International Workshop on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control)已于2007年9月12—14日在清华工业工程系举行。本次会议论文集共收录了26篇学术论文,由Springer出版社出版;共有50多名代表参加,他们来自美国、加拿大、德国、英国、荷兰、瑞典、波兰、希腊、日本、中国香港等十一个国家和地区,国内有中国科学院、清华大学和富士康公司等单位的专家学者参加。参加本次会议的专家学者大部分都是本领域中的国际著名专家、对于智能质量控制有着深刻的见解。本次会议介绍并讨论了智能质量控制在数学方法、生产制造、物流与供应链、商业流通、保险金融和医疗卫生中的理论与应用研究课题,讨论了这些学科领域的前沿方向和未来动向。智能质量控制关系到一个国家的经济发展水平,我们希望通过本次能够推动我国在质量控制与质量管理领域的进步和发展。
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IXth International Workshop on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control